Technology is growing exponentially and it seems that Humanity has been left behind.

Exponential technologies literacy and familiarization for all the people is one of the key challenges of our times to deliver power to the people!

“Tech Fest” is a specially designed interactive exhibition for Malls, Venues, Museums and cities that addresses exactly this issue. For adults, families, children and youth.

Designed and developed by, offers a number of hands on interactive experiential stands, showcasing exponential technologies such us VR, AR, Motion capture, Drones, Robotics, 3D scanning, 3D printing, Telepresence, Man machine brain interface, Move in VR and more.

We believe that literacy and familiarization in exponential technologies is a key issue for Humanity, so let’s work together to bring Tech Fest to your Mall, Venue, Museum or city anywhere in the world!

What’s included

All interactive stands and setup fully inclusive with their technologies, content, hardware, software, equipment, consumables, sets, branding, technicians, tech support and management level host personnel (additional personnel needed can be hired or provided in site and will be trained by us). Pricing depends on the number of stands, duration of hire, location etc. Please ask us for a quote according to your needs (minimum hire one week).

Note: “Next lab” solutions are branded, integrated, end to end solutions that you can hire for your site under their brand name. Ask us for updates and additions which we do periodically. Customization and integration of your sponsors is also possible.

Tech Fest Brochure