Small scale immersive and interactive booths, mobile installations, but also larger scale entertainment and edu-tainment immersive installations such as our VOYAGER XR concept for the Location Based Entertainment, Events, Esports, Culture and Tourism industries

A range of innovative, flexible turnkey immersive booths and installations to enhance your event, exhibition booth, internal or external audience activation.

Larger scale immersive installations

Custom design and development of larger scale immersive installations and themed interactive environments  for the Tourism, Entertainment, Edu-tainment,
Location based entertainment and Cultural industries (malls, resorts, hotels, visitor centers, retail destinations, brand experiences, museums and more).

Introducing also our own VOYAGER XR concept.

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Teleport anywhere, experience everything! In real or imaginary worlds in the past present or distant future!
Walk, interact, move, touch, feel together with your team discovering history, space, heritage or living exciting adventures that might change the world!

A “time machine” teleport capsule. A new immersive format for Location based Entertainment.
Leveraging the power of immersive technologies such as VR, motion capture, haptics and more to create a unique team experience (for up to 6 people)

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Modular units of one or more can be combined for any location

(Malls, Resorts, Museums, Cruise ships, Theme parks, Tourism destinations, Events, Educational institutions, Brand experiences and more)

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Small scale immersive installations / booths

Interactive Live Avatar

  • Bring your character / mascot to life!
  • A live avatar / character of your choice is animated on a (big or small) Talking, teasing and interacting with people! Creating photo and video opportunities to share for events, malls, retail, expos and more

VR Experience

  • Move, walk, interact in virtual realities!
  • 3D worlds and experiences custom created for you, or VR experiences curated from the best studios in the world

VR cinema

  • Amaze your audience with an immersive group experience in VR!
  • Your audience will experience the same VR content at the same time. But each one will be able to see and explore it through different views, free to look wherever they want!

AR teleport photobooth (also VR and digital photobooths)

  • Teleport people anywhere through Augmented reality!
  • A screen acts as a window to another reality. People see and interact with themselves transferred live in any real or imaginary environment (photo / video / 3D) receiving a shareable photo or video.

Smart shelf

  • An almost magic shelf displaying product information in any screen!
  • Display product information, media or interactive content for any product or item you wish. Ideal for retail stores, expo booths and more

EEG VR trip to you

  • Visit yourself in VR!
  • A unique experience combining transformative technologies such as EEG and VR towards a journey to you! You have to experience it to believe it!

Interactive table or window

  • Interact in teams or alone in any surface!
  • Interactive tables, windows, walls for any custom content and multi touch interaction possibilities. A unique experience for expo booths, visitor centers, malls or retail stores


  • Drive, snowboard, surf, drone fly, free fall anytime, anywhere!
  • A range of high tech simulators for all the above. Including a real free fall experience (this one is not a simulation!)
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Seeing is believing!
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