Experiences design and content production combining virtual, digital and live!

AR, VR, 360 video immersive content and apps development for a range of experiences such as virtual visits, visitor centers, brand experiences for Tourism, Real Estate and Marketing


We live in an experience economy and experiences are evolving!
We bring to the table a unique set of capabilities for a wide range of experience design and production needs.
Based on creating immersive experiences in formats such as live, digital, VR, AR and any combination. Ranging from permanent live, large scale such as Allou Fun Park (the first entertainment park in Athens) to 360 videos such as Rothmans London VR experience, virtual visits, real estate and brand experiences such as OPAP immersive VR bus trip.

Our services include

  • Experience design (storyboards, scenarios, scripts)
  • Production design (resources, budgeting, time planning)
  • Reality capture (360video / photo / 3D scanning)
  • Design and production of 3D worlds and spaces, interactivity, animations
  • Design, production and postproduction of 360 videos
  • Art, flow and experience direction
  • Development of software, apps and delivery platforms (stand alone, live, web, mobile and more)
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