We are an invention
studio for a new era.

Unlocking the power of exponential technologies to help deliver super powers to people. Providing innovative solutions to our partners.  Empowering people to Create, Share, Learn, Connect, Interact, Work, Play, Experience, Live

powerX.tech is a technology spinoff by Generation Alpha Ventures

A start-up with more than 10 years’ experience in applied innovation for projects in more than 10 countries.

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We own and invest in our own tech equipment, resources and team.
Structured in 4+1 labs:

We are members of A360 Exponential technologies community.

We Believe

In an era of exponential technology evolution, it seems that Humanity has been left behind.

This presents a brave new opportunity towards “Upgrading Humanity” for all kinds of people organizations. Brands, corporations, communities, teams, companies, even countries. To address the above, we are working with Value Adding partners in different industries


Whether you are an Ad agency, a Brand marketing company, a Tourism/hospitality provider, a Museum, a Retail network, a Cultural content creator, an Educational organization, a Shopping Mall, an Event organizer, you can benefit from the power of technology to deliver Super Powers to People!

Your people, your customers, your audiences, your communities!

In all worlds! Real, Virtual and Digital!

Contact us to find out how, or please access our solutions offering here

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We are a multi-disciplinary team including inventors, engineers, media wizards, developers, producers, system architects, technology integrators, innovation and trend scouts…

Team member
Yiannis Sotirakos
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Chief Executive Officer and also
founder at Generation Alpha Ventures
Team member
Stathis Moustakis
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
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Team member
Flery Rousaki
Next Lab manager
Alpha labs, Tech Fest and more!
Team member
Thodoris Gavras
Special projects manager
Operations of long term projects
Team member
Tilemahos Voreas
Operations of long term projects
Special projects executive
Team member
Despoina Eftaxia
Operations of long term projects
Team member
Drop us a note if you are interested!
Send you cv at hr@powerx.tech