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Virtual learning, training and assistance. A new era for Human Learning & Development!

Virtual learning, training and assistance. A new era for Human Learning & Development!

In the new era that we are living, human development and evolution is more important than ever! Traditional learning methods and classroom training is neither enough, effective or practical anymore!


Imagine being able to provide hands on experiential training, on-boarding, up-skilling, re-skilling, remote assistance, monitoring and personal evaluation for just a few or a few thousand people without the need of any physical facilities, without the need of physical presence, without travel or groups or the associated costs and logistics!

Anytime, anywhere in a gamified, attractive, measurable virtual (VR or AR) experience!

XR Active learning platform by “digitizes” and “dematerializes” the learning and training experience making it available anytime, anywhere! Leveraging the “Active learning / learning by doing” which is the most effective of all learning methods (based on the “cone of learning” by Edgar Dale).



Providing a full service offering that includes the following:

  1. Training needs analysis and instructional design (content, modules etc)
  2. Content development and production
  3. Friendly UI/UX using also XAL! Our virtual smart bot assistant
  4. Production of high quality 3D virtual environments (custom made for you)
  5. Production of fully interactive actions (you can walk, touch, grab, open, lift etc as in the physical world)
  6. Delivery platforms (s/w, apps, stand alone, integration with LMS and more)
  7. Hardware (VR or AR sets, booths and more)
  8. Operation and support

Application areas among others include: Onboarding, physical trainings, health and safety, machinery or special equipment training, maintenance and installation tasks training, hard skills, soft skills development and more. For the tourism, shipping, telecom, construction, retail, health and practically all industries.


XR Active learning can be available in all platforms (VR headsets, tablets, PC’s and also as a support in traditional class room trainings).


You can see some recent examples of our work here for clients such as OTE/COSMOTE and more.


Seeing is believing! So please contact us here to arrange a live or online demo, presentation and discussion for your needs. You can also visit our website here.

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