Exponential technology solutions for an experiential era

VR cinema, Interactive tables, Simulators (drone, F1, surf, snow),
Freefall experience, VR experience booth, Live Avatar, EEG headset

All the above (and many more) are designed to add unique experiences
in a simple and easy way to a wide range of applications and actions such as:

– Corporate events
– Private events
– Conferences
– Reports
– Kiosks
– Roadshows
– Venues

Choose your interactive experiences for your event, venue or any other occasion!

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VR Cinema

Amaze your audience with an immersive group experience in VR!

Your audience will experience the same VR content at the same time. But each one will be able to see and explore it through different views, free to look wherever they want!

An excellent tool for Entertainment, Education, Training, Product launches and more. We can create also the VR – 360 content if needed, or suggest related content from global libraries.

Interactive table

Enhance audience engagement!

A touch-screen-table to interact with any type of content turned into a magical surface that opens up a lot of opportunities to improve presentations and discussions, while at the same time making them more efficient.

Use it to grab the attention of prospective clients, get business associates and employees more involved or entertain your guests and visitors. A temporary or permanent installation for training classes, meeting rooms, shops, visitor centres, museums, exhibition booths, gaming installations and more.

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Simulators (drone, F1, surf, snow)

Challenge your visitors’ skills!

Our board simulator creates an experience in any location and can be themed accordingly.

Create competitions, test skills, or use it as a fun and exciting attraction for any event, venue, promotional activity and more, used as a permanent or temporary attraction.


No ropes, no digital, no virtual!

This is the REAL thing! A real free fall from a real height! Only a special mattress (TUV approved) for your happy landings. You can jump with your shoes on, no problem.

Our photo shooting station captures the moment for you, creating a digital or physical print out of your experience in the void. Use it as a special experience to any event, venue, festival!

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VR experience booth

Move, walk, interact in virtual realities!

3D worlds custom created for you, or VR experiences from the best studios in the world. Use it for entertainment, training, visualization, education and more.

The fully immersive VR experience in a booth that can easily fit in any space (office, exhibition, event and more).

Live Avatar

Bring your character / mascot to life!

A live avatar / character of your choice is animated on a screen. Talking, teasing and interacting with people! Creating photo and video opportunities to share.

We use a (hidden) studio with motion capture technology, to give life to the character through an animator. All this is happening live and the animator can see, hear, talk with the people at the interaction point!

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EEG Headset

The next era of the man-machine interface!

An interface that will go mainly through our vision using augmented, mixed and virtual realities. The era after that will go directly through our brains!

We bring this “meta” next era today, with an EEG based man-machine interface that reads directly your brain and directs the “machine” to perform a series of tasks! You simply wear the special EEG device, focus and make a drone fly!

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