A platform for you to unlock the power of exponential technologies and mindset

Exponential technologies and mindset are changing industries, economy and our civilization altogether.
Xfuture platform is on a mission to support you navigate towards an exponential future and create a future that matters.
Through a series of offerings in a form of experiential workshops, consulting sessions, sprint sessions, curated technology showcases and more.

Xfuture demo room

For the first time in Greece a place where you can see, touch, understand, discuss exponential technologies and how they affect your business and your future. More than 15 hands on technologies, constantly updated and renewed. A 90minute curated experience, including an introduction to exponentials and a discussion about your needs and opportunities. click for more


Xfuture day

A one day workshop in your premises with a panel of speakers (Greek or/and international) and tech showcases curated for your industry and needs. Introducing the power of exponentials for your industry, your organization, your team and your needs.

Xfuture workshops and sprint sessions

Multi-day workshops or SPRINT sessions onsite or offsite. Focused on specific problem solving from internal re-alignment and MTP, to new product development or internal disruption. With Greek and/or international speakers and experts and hands-on tech showcases.


Xfuture webinars

Monthly or bimonthly webinars for a community of SME’s and other companies and organizations


Xfuture gate

A highly curated tech showcase and demo room in your premises! Acting as a gate to your future. A place where every day all the people in your organization can touch the future. With tech and content curated for your industry and business.

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Exclusive content, speakers and parts of the above are in collaboration and/or through our exclusive memberships with our world class partners