The first photobooth in VR!

Your photo is taken and transposed in any 360 VR environment of your choice!

You can view it with or without VR headsets (using your smartphone), and you can share it to all Social Media that support 360 VR content (Facebook, Youtube and more).

Additional branding, action and CGI elements can be added so that the people will see themselves as being part of the action in a full 360 environment (360 photo or 3D/CGI generated).

Use it for tourism / destinations memorabilia, marketing, product launches and more.

What’s included

The VR photobooth comprising of a camera / green screen system, an editing studio to superimpose the photos in the 360 environment and a sharing station for emails and/or social media (based on ipad).

Note: As a general rule, content, sets, branding and transportation are not included. However rules are meant to be broken, so please ask us for adaptations of the above, content development, or multi day setup and remote installations.