Unlock the power of data and analytics for any physical space with the proximity marketing technology. Traffic, attendance, flows, heat maps and more are created based on a node that monitors the smart phones in the proximity and a software that creates analytics and reports.

As a next step you can open a direct communication channel with your visitors and monetize with smart incentives and campaigns, measuring by data everything.

Whether you are a retail chain, a mall, an airport, a hotel, an entertainment venue…, you can use the pilot to understand the technology and then roll out to your network for a full scale application!

What’s included

One proximity tech node for capturing data, dashboard setup, cloud based platform, online and offline analytics, up to two months operation and one month setup and testing (total three months).

Note: As a general rule, content, sets, branding and transportation are not included. However rules are meant to be broken, so please ask us for adaptations of the above, content development, or multi day setup and remote installations.