The next era of man machine interface will go mainly through our vision using augmented, mixed and virtual realities. The era after that will go directly through our brains!

We bring this “meta” next era today, with a EEG based man machine interface that reads directly your brain and directs the “machine” to perform a series of tasks!

You simply wear the special EEG device, focus and make a drone fly!

Or you just let us know what custom task you want us to create for you.

What’s included

EEG wearable, hardware, control station and software, tablet, screen (up to 55”), drone setup with takeoff / landing indoor station, technicians.

Note: As a general rule, content, sets, branding and transportation are not included. However rules are meant to be broken, so please ask us for adaptations of the above, content development, or multi day setup and remote installations.