An outdoor (or indoor) attraction for people to learn how to fly a real drone in the real world!

Fully secured with a special net so that no drone can escape from the safety flying field.  So anybody can try and crowds can watch at the same time. All potential pilots receive a training in three stages a) theory, b) controls familiarization, c) Drone flying tasks in the safety field. All receive a certificate of attendance!

Can be nicely combined with our Drone FPV simulator!

Ask us how we can transform the attraction into a live drone game. The “battle of the drones”

What’s included

Special safety net setup, flying field setup, 2 drones with their gear and controls, specialized instructors and drone pilots,  technicians, certificates.

Note: As a general rule, content, sets, branding and transportation are not included. However rules are meant to be broken, so please ask us for adaptations of the above, content development, or multi day setup and remote installations.