Digitize everything! Open a gate from the real to the digital world creating digital avatars. Through our 3D scanning technology and equipment that can digitize objects, people, faces and create full 3D models that can be edited and manipulated as 3D assets.

Combine it with your product launch to create digital custom versions, use it for educational or entertainment purposes, or combine it with our 3D printer to be able to create print outs of the 3D assets!


Ask us about larger scale full body 3D scanning possibilities and applications. Ask us also about other technologies (3D video) to capture and manipulate full body human scans or objects.

What’s included

3D scanner (handheld), 3D printing unit, control station, pc’s, 3D scanning / printing specialist.

Note: As a general rule, content, sets, branding and transportation are not included. However rules are meant to be broken, so please ask us for adaptations of the above, content development, or multi day setup and remote installations.