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We are powerX.tech and we come in peace.

An invention studio for a new era providing innovative – tech based – solutions for a range of industries like Retail, Marketing, Media, Education, Events, Entertainment.

Using technologies such as: AR, VR, AI, Drones, 3D scanning, Motion capture, 360 video, Apps, Simulators, EEG, RFID, XXT, DBLG, K2B4, 44#!%8H
(just kidding! At least for a part of it…)

We live in an era where technology is growing exponentially, but it seems that Humanity has been left behind. We believe this is an extraordinary global opportunity and we are here to work with you on that. Helping deliver “super powers” to people. To learn, connect, play, interact, share, work, live… Creating a Future worth living

 We like

  • Experiment
  • Create something out of nothing
  • New ideas and challenges
  • Animals, trees, flowers and bees (all kinds)
  • People (sometimes not all kinds)
  • Open horizons
  • Technology (but only as a tool to make something better)
  • And more!

This newsletter

  • Will include our curated pick of exponential tech and innovation in various industries. We are visiting expos, conferences and we are also part of communities all over the world giving you a glimpse of the state of innovation in the planet.
  • Will also highlight some of our work or solutions
  • Will reach you approximately once per month
  • Will be short and to the point (please wait the 2nd edition for that!)
  • Hope you like it!

Let’s dive in!we exhibition and conference. “XR” is the new term

We have visited AWE (Augmented World Expo) October 2017 in Munchen Germany (you can check the website here)

A lot of exhibitors (many in early Beta stage) and soon we will announce some interesting partnerships and collaborations.

If you are confused already with the terms AR, VR, MR (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality), here is the new term that aims to unify them all:

XR meaning Extended Reality! The term has been introduced during the AWE and at the same time the “MR” term is gradually retreating replaced by the rising AR!

Tech Fest

In our “Next lab”, we are developing branded innovative platforms based on  technology.
Tech Fest is one such platform in the form of a tech based interactive exhibition for Malls, Museums and all kinds of venues. Tech Fest’s aim is to familiarize the general public with exponential technologies like VR, AR, Drones, EEG, 3D scanning, 3D printing, Motion capture and more.

We have already implemented the first Tech Fest in Golden Hall, Athens!
You can see a short video here.

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