Leveraging the capabilities of VR, AR, 360 video, CGI and gaming towards active learning and training.
A new era for Training, Learning and Education

Traditional “passive” learning is not enough anymore!
“XR Active learning” introduces a new era in learning and workforce assistance, leveraging VR/AR technologies and immersive content.

Providing the most efficient learning experience in the “Cone of learning”

Providing also a number of additional benefits such as:

XR Active Learning

XR Active learning is applicable for a wide variety of use cases such as onboarding, health & safety, equipment training, soft and hard skills training, spatial related training, education and more.
For industries such as: Tourism, shipping, field services, logistics, telecoms, insurance, pharma, retail, construction, manufacturing and more.

Our services include

  • Needs analysis and instructional design
  • Immersive learning module design (storyboards & learning experiences)
  • UX / UI design
  • Content production (in formats VR, AR, 360video, digital or combination)
  • Software production
  • Delivery platforms (LMS, stand-alone, multi-user, multi-channel etc)
  • Assessment, metrics, scale (additional modules, optimization, platform expansion etc)
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