Future is Xponential, discover it

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Unlock the power of exponential technologies
for your work, business, brands, clients, and people!


Visit the first place in Greece where you can discover,
learn and experiment with the exponential technologies
that are shaping the future.


A curated experience that will guide and ultimately
help you understand, discover and create the future!

What does XFuture demo room experience include:

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The future is already here! An introductory presentation into the world of exponentials to get an understanding of what is already happening and the key forces disrupting our world as we know it


Location: PowerX Presentations Hub


A curated visit in our XFuture Demo room exploring hands-on technologies such as VR, AR, MR studio, EEG, RFID, 3D scanning and printing, Holograms, Live VR broadcast, chat bots, face recognition and more…


Location:XFuture Demo Room

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A brief workshop session with our experienced team on your needs and the possibilities we can offer for your line of business and/or your clients.


Duration: 30′
Location: PowerX Meeting Room

General Info:


> Offered by appointment only (2-5 people).

> Available free of charge for a limited time

> We are located at Metamorfosi, Athens Greece (map)

Guest Profile. You are:


>  C-level or senior executive

>  Corporate, Marketing or HR senior executive

>  SME business owner/founder

>  Government official

>  Agency (Marketing, Media or other)

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